If You Think Your Child Might Be ADHD

If you have found this page you’re possibly already at the end of your tether! Well hang on tight. We can help! In a lot of ways.


If you strongly suspect your child may have ADHD but are struggling to get taken seriously by their school, CAMHS, GPs – we can help.

We offer a pre-diagnosis assessment service where we will assess your child for ADHD and possible coexisting conditions. We will then prepare a detailed report and referral letters to hasten your journey through the NHS. Or, if you prefer, we refer you straight to a private ADHD specialist child psychiatrist who will be able to see you and your child usually within days or weeks, certainly not months. And definitely not years which is how long you can sometimes be waiting on the very overstretched NHS.

We have close relationships and will only work with psychiatrists and paediatricians who specialise in ADHD. So unlike general psychiatrists who so often don’t understand the condition, and all too quickly fob you off with diagnosis’ of ‘generalised anxiety’ or ‘global development delay’ these ADHD professionals will always get it right. Older teens are consistently being misdiagnosed with what used to be called borderline personality disorder/BPD and is now called emotionally unstable personality disorder/EUPD. We understand the difference between these conditions and ADHD as do the psychiatrists we work with.

If your child has already been seen by CAMHS and been given a diagnosis that you don’t agree with, please do still contact us. We have worked with parents all over the country helping them overturn incorrect diagnosis’. You know your child better than anybody else. If you are seeing signs of ADHD then you are probably right. But sometimes it’s a battle getting the professionals to believe you. This is where we step in.

We completely understand the sensitivity of the situation. You and your child will be in very safe, dependable hands with us as we go through the diagnostic process. We’ve worked with children as young as five right through to late teens.

Once we have the diagnosis confirmed we offer ongoing support which can help in all sorts of ways:


  • Working with you and any other adult members of the family, so you fully understand how your ADHD child’s brain works and can learn how to avoid the tantrums and meltdowns and get the very best out of them
  • Working with your child to help them understand their ADHD. We are very firmly in the camp that having ADHD is a positive and means you have more drive and commitment to achieve what you want in life. That’s not to say it doesn’t come with some issues, sometimes a lot of issues, but we will always present these to your child in a very positive way.
  • Working with siblings to help them understand the ADHD in the family and how they can interact best with their newly diagnosed brother or sister
  • Working with families to help them understand what ADHD actually is, all the hundreds of little traits that make up an ADHD person and how to best achieve family harmony.

Our therapists are all diagnosed ADHD themselves. This will mean a lot to your child. If they have been seen by therapists before who haven’t understood ADHD and are outrightly refusing to see any counsellor or therapist ever again, we suggest you offer them a 20 minute or half hour taster session with one of our ADHD therapists.

We really do understand ADHD here so if it takes a bowl of chocolate ice cream or a few Jammie dodger biscuits to get your child through the door, so be it! And they won’t find any stuffy counsellors in blouses, twinset and pearls. Our counsellors are down-to-earth, normal and chatty. And you’re far more likely to find us in jeans and T-shirts – especially when working with kids.

But when we get them through the door we guarantee our therapists are not like anybody they will have seen before and we have yet to find an ADHD child or teen who doesn’t feel at home and understood straightaway.